Aaron originally wanted to become a therapist and assist clients with their own personal issues. Through his studies and learning; he discovered that approximately half of client’s issues have become somewhat do to financial distress. (This is his opinion) Having a burden of debt on your shoulders can lead to both physical, mental and emotion stress. This may lead to relationship problems, health issues and lack the feeling of true happiness.

Aaron's father is the vice-president of Northwood Mortgage Ltd. He has been in the industry over 35 years. He brought Aaron on board to learn about mortgage loans. In 2008, Aaron won the “Top Professional Broker” award nominated at I.M.B.A (Independent Mortgage Broker Association of Ontario).

He has assisted his clients as a mortgage agent/credit recovery manager for over 10 years. It has taught Aaron much more about financial and life experiences than he could ever imagined when he first came into the mortgage industry. It has made him whom he has become today as a professional mortgage agent. Aaron continues to apply and engage upon from the past to the present.



"Dear Aaron,

Things are going much better for us in 2005, thanks to your help. We had a lovely Christmas and are now able to manage our debt, without the use of credit. Some months we even have a little extra to spare. Thanks again for your support."

The P.H. Family