The first step is to have a conversation as to what your financial goals and aspirations may be. We will ask questions and for information that we need to determine what possible solutions we may have for you.

Every client has a different financial situation. Accordingly, we have been in business over a decade. We have the experience and knowledge to get a sense in a brief conversation, to determine the outlook and a plan that is most suitable for you.

Once we have determined and analyzed your situation though our meeting or phone conversation, Aaron will personally provide supporting application documents.

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Self Employed Private Lenders  
Debt Consolidation Collection Calls  
Mortgage Arrears Household Debt  
Property Tax Arrears Bank Declined  
Income Tax Arrears Power of Sale  
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"Dear Aaron,

Things are going much better for us in 2005, thanks to your help. We had a lovely Christmas and are now able to manage our debt, without the use of credit. Some months we even have a little extra to spare. Thanks again for your support."

The P.H. Family